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Ten Yad Kallah
About Us

Our Mission

The Torah begins with a magnificent example of Hachnosas Kallah, an image of Hashem gladdening Chava’s heart as he carried her to the Chuppa. Following this supreme role model, Ten Yad ensures that each new bride walks to the Chuppa feeling beautiful and confident in her ability to build a beautiful home for Hashem.

When you give to Ten Yad, you ensure that the values of family life planted at creation are never compromised due to the lack of basic funds.

Hachnosas Kallah

“Our Sages tell us that one who takes concern in marrying off orphans is credited with giving tzedakah every day of his or her life…”

—Ketubot 50A


How We Help

Household Necessities

Providing new couples with the basics
to set up their home

Wedding Gowns

Every girl dreams about the day that she will be a bride. Ten Yad provides high end gowns and accessories

Wedding Gemach

Keren Shneur is a free loan gemach that is specifically designated to help families cover wedding expenses

Our Showroom

A Beautiful and Chic Space
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By The Numbers

Financial Worry

One of the greatest challenges to a new marriage.

Outside Support

1 in 3 Kallahs depends on outside help to celebrate with dignity.

Supporting a Kallah

One of the greatest merits for Shidduchim, wealth and health.

Partner with us

You Make a Big Difference!

By supporting Ten Yad you pay for every musical note at a needy Kallah’s wedding, every swish of her majestic gown, and every spoon and fork in her home. Without question, you receive all her heartfelt blessings as she embarks on her beautiful beginnings.