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Once upon a time there was a little girl who dreamed of being a bride…
Every Jewish girl dreams of being a bride. She imagines the details of her gown, the first time she will put on a sheitel, dancing with her friends and family, the band, the flowers… and then starting her own home. Indeed, the fruition of her dream is no fairytale but her destiny, for Jewish brides are the progenitors of the Jewish nation.

…but she could not afford the wedding…
In today’s day and age, the route to becoming a Jewish bride can be fraught with tragic twists and turns. There are brides who, r”l, have no parents or whose families can’t even put bread on the table. Dealing with the daunting cost of a wedding and setting up a proper Jewish home can be a crippling burden and responsibility for both the bride and her parents.

…until Ten Yad Hachnosas Kallah was able to help.
Ten Yad was established to ease a family’s burden so that nothing gets in the way of a kallah assuming her exalted role in the golden chain of Jewish history. In addition to helping with the many financial details of the wedding — providing the wedding gown, sheitel, lingerie, money toward the band, and floral centerpieces for the wedding; and the linens, blankets, kitchen and bath towels, cutlery, pots, dishes to set up a Jewish home — Ten Yad makes sure to do whatever it can to insure that a kallah goes to her chuppah with joy and peace of mind.

Great is the reward…
When we help marry off a Jewish bride, we are insured great reward. Our Sages explain that one who assists in marrying off orphans is credited with giving tzedakah every day of his life. The Talmud tells us that the mitzvah of hachnosas kallah is so great that anyone who participates in it is not only assured a tangible “return on his investment” but protection against sickness and death as well.

…and blessed are those who help.
Ten Yad is about all of us opening our hearts to those in need, becoming G-d’s partner in the sacred joining of two souls in the everlasting edifice of marriage. Everyone who participates is blessed b’ruchnius and b’gashmius and shares in the zechus of bringing Moshiach ever closer.