Marriage is Full of Surprizes


getting married is the most beautiful, heart-warming experience a person can have. Marriage is the unifying process of two halves of one soul becoming whole again. Nothing is holier and more sublime than that.

Such a monumental spiritual endeavor comes with substantial monumental material investment—personally, emotionally, and, financially. But of course, we spare no effort to help, encourage, and cheer a Chosson and Kallah, since a Jewish marriage commences the building of an everlasting edifice that will touch heaven while grounded here on earth.

Like all life-elevating processes, marriage is full of surprises—personal surprises, emotional surprises, and even monetary surprises. Certainly the cost is worth every penny and more. The return transcends the investment, both in principal and dividends. As we say every morning, These are the items that a person enjoys the dividends of in this world, and the principal remains for him in the World-to-Come… and the welcoming of brides.

With Hashem’s blessing, the vast majority of a marriage’s surprises will be overwhelmingly positive, joyous, and celebratory. The Chosson and Kallah will Build a home of light; raise a refined and wonderful family; and live mission-propelled lives here on earth.

Even the surprises associated with the wedding itself—gowns, music, dancing, guests, etc.—are happy and illuminated.

But what about the other surprises, the surprises that can make a young bride tremble with worry and concern? What about the surprise that you simply can’t afford a wedding gown, or the surprise at how much it costs to stock your tiny newlywed apartment with dishes and linens? What about the surprises that Kallahs whose mothers are no longer with us have to face alone? What about the logistical and financial surprises associated with making a wedding?

Who will ensure that the magical, brilliant, glowing, everlasting surprises of marriage and building a binyan adei ad don’t get overshadowed by the angst-filled financial surprises?

Together with Ten Yad, you, we, and all of us will! Our prize-worthy commitment will ensure that every marriage is full of happy surprises