Don’t live in the continental United States or the Tri State Area? No Problem!
There are still over 40 exciting prizes for you to choose from!*

Israel or 
Dubai Adventure

12. Israel or Dubai Adventure

Rachel Plotkin
European Vacation

23. European Vacation

Fay Sosover

*A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Prizes can be shipped internationally, at the winner’s expense. To avoid astronomical international shipping fees, you can either send someone to pass by our Brooklyn office to pick up your prize on your behalf, or provide us with a U.S address that we can ship it to you for you to retrieve at your convenience.
    Please note: All shipping, even within the U.S. is at the winner’s expense.
  2. All applicable gift cards will be redeemable at a branch located near you for the original dollar amount translated into your currency.