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Special Acknowledgments

For their extraordinary talents and contributions to the success of this event

Creative Direction & Design:
Spotlight Design - 718-493-2866

Auction & Catalog Coordinator:
Mrs. Tamar Pewzner

Auction Director:
Ms. Faigy Donin

Catalog Writer:
Mrs. Chana Shloush

Jack Deutsch Photography

Order Processing:
Mrs. Chanale Hurwitz, Mrs. Mushky Naparstek, Miss Malkie Pinson

Event Marketing:
Spotlight Design

Booklet Printing:
MG Graphics - 347-415-1400
[email protected]


Event Production

Executive Producer:
Davidi Crombie

Program Director:
Dovid Weinbaum

Video and content:
Shlomo Chaim Rivkin, Rivkin Media

Musical Director & Conductor:
Yuval Stupel

Freilach Philharmonic:
Avrumi Schreiber & Tzvi Blumenfeld

Filming, Live Mixing, and Broadcasting:
Bracha Toreneheim & Yankee Teitelbaum, Flowmotion

Lighting & Stage Design:
Yan Vanibalt & Jimmy Yeret, Dynamic Vision

Floral Design:
Chanie Greenbaum

Shmulik Benharush & Chaim Vaknin, VisualLive

Music Story Consultant:
Eli Marcus

Live Sound Engineer:
Eli Lishinsky

Band Backline & Logistics:
Shulem Heiman & Ilan Schnitzer


In Appreciation

Mr. Yoeli Brach of Accentuations by Design

Mr. Zak Barber

Etty and Chen of Dini’s Wigs

Mr. Barber and Itchie of Elegant Linen

Mr. Gadi Blizinsky of Elite Sterling

Mrs. Aliza Blizinsky of Judaica Creations

Mr. Shlomo Carlebach

Mr. Shloime Dimmer of Drimmer’s

Chaim and Esther of Eastside China

Mr. Feurer of Duddy’s Electronics

Mr. Chaim Gansburg of Star Mailing

Mr. Hershkop of ENY Leasing

Mr. Zevi Karp of

Mrs. Rivky Kirsh of Kirsh Jewelry

Mrs. Zlata Motchkin

Mrs. Chaya Pruss of Everything But The Baby

Mr. Ezriel and Gitty Rappaport of Kettle & Cord

Rabbi Yitzchok Raskin of Machon Stam

Mr. Yossi Simpson of Simpson Jewelers

Mrs. Esty Sputz of Barbera Wigs

Mr. B. Tzfasman of Tzfasman Jewelers

Mr. Menachem Brook of MB Travel

Mr. Yoiely Steinberg of Gourmet Glatt

Mr. Ari Greene of Arista

Mr. Shulem Berger of Greater Windows and Doors

A Special Thank You

Miss Malkie Pinson for her outstanding work in the Ten Yad office and with the kallahs.

Mrs. Raizy Schwartz for her dedication in choosing and styling the shaitels for our kallahs.

Mr. Tuvia Weber of Prestige Cutlery, whose cutlery enhances the tables of our kallahs.

Mr. Moishe Schmukler

Rabbi Duvi Feldman

Rabbi Mendy Bronstein for his invaluable fundraising expertise

Ten Yad Committee

For their unparalleled year-round commitment

Mrs. Gitty Bronstein, Mrs. Esther Caplan, Mrs. Sara Donin, Mrs. Hinda Friedman, Mrs. Leah Gurary, Mrs. Chanie Karp, Mrs. Sima Karp, Mrs. Sara Leba Lewin, Mrs. Dvora Leah Minkowitz, Mrs. Tamar Pewzner, Mrs. Rochie Shemtov, Mrs. Leah Schmukler, Mrs. Mina Sputz, Mrs. Aidel Sputz

Thank You

A great deal of gratitude is owed to all of you who participate in this auction. It is through your support that a Jewish bride can feel special on her wedding day. Through your kindness, not only do you help the establishment of Jewish homes, but the perpetuation of future generations amongst our people. May you always be able to give in good health and abundance.

Our sincere apologies to anyone who may have been inadvertently omitted. We thank you too.