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All beginnings begin with giving. A new year begins with giving a blessing. A new day begins when Hashem gives us back our souls. A new job begins when an employer gives an employee a chance.

A new marriage begins when the Chosson, the groom, gives the Kallah, the bride, a wedding ring, under the Chuppah.

Beautiful beginnings begin when a newlywed couple is given the material and spiritual foundations upon which to build an everlasting edifice.

Without these essentials, it is impossibly difficult to begin. Without her dignity, how can a queen experience her royalty?

Too many brides spend the weeks leading up to their weddings crying bitter tears instead of smiling at this sweet, special time in life. They have not been given the fundamentals so many of us take for granted. They cannot afford a wedding gown or basic linens and kitchen items. Their apartments lie empty and bare.

How can their cups overflow with berachos when they cannot even afford cups? How can they serve Hashem with majesty when they don’t even have dishes for serving their spouses?

All beginnings begin with giving, and all beautiful beginnings begin with beautiful giving.

Ten means give. Yad means hand. Ten Yad means give a hand. When a Kallah prepares for the beautiful beginning of her life, Ten Yad gives her everything she needs so that the new home can shine with the radiance that befits a true queen and king.

Kol hascholos koshos. Our sages teach that “all beginnings are difficult.” Beginning something, anything, is difficult because it requires us to give something so as to create something.

Building a new home is perhaps the single greatest beginning that an individual will undertake in her or his lifetime. It is a beautiful beginning spiritually, for the Torah says the slates of bride and groom are wiped clean on their wedding day, all their sins forgiven.

Marriage is the beginning of shaping and illuminating one’s home. Marriage is the fulfillment of the reason we are born in the first place: to fulfill our soul purpose and create a dirah b’tachtonim, a dwelling here on this earth for Hashem. And in a manner of binyan adei ad, the dwelling, the home, the life should be an everlasting edifice.

What better gift to give to a new bride and groom? What beginning could be more beautiful than the beginning of fulfilling life’s soul purpose?

Ten means give.

Give the gift of beautiful beginnings.

יחי אדוננו מורנו ורבינו מלך המשיח לעולם ועד