Completing The Circle of Life

Ten Yad puts the ‘ring’ into ‘enduring’ relationships.

A ring is the shape of marriage. It stands for eternity. It represents the everlasting union of man and wife. A complete circle has no beginning or end and is thus the most enduring symbol of beautiful beginning and endless joy.

The entire wedding is centered on circles. The wedding ring, obviously, is round. Then there are the seven circles made by the Kallah around the Chosson under the Chuppah. Even the dancing is done, not in squares or triangles, but in swirling circles of celebration.

Oftentimes, the only thing that stands in the way of the perfect circle is financial restraint. Baruch Hashem, many young couples have families and friends who can help them make a wedding and start their lives on the right foot. However, many young couples and their families simply do not have the significant resources required to cover basic household items such as pots, pans, dishes, cutlery and linens, in addition to a sheitel.

In particular, we help a significant number of orphaned kallahs, in addition to those whose families are struggling with dire situations such as illness. Ten Yad steps in to save the kallahs’ visions of starting married life with dignity and respectability, preventing those dreams from being crushed. Powered by your priceless support, Ten Yad is the portal to the eternal mitzvah of simchas chosson v’kallah. Thanks to our volunteers and your generosity, Ten Yad enables couple after couple to joyously begin the building of their shining, eternal binyan adai ad.

From an early age, girls dream of wearing an exquisite gown to their wedding, but gown prices are prohibitive for many. In addition to the quality housewares it provides, Ten Yad maintains a haute couture gown gemach department, where each kallah who enters is treated like the radiant queen that she is.

In addition to the wonderful variety of resources Ten Yad offers, The Keren Shneur Wedding Gemach was established in memory of Shneur Hirsh A”H to help with wedding expenses.

The Hebrew word for ring, טבעת, is rooted in the word טבע, nature, whose defining characteristics are consistency and predictability. The rules of nature do not change. The sun will always rise in the east and set in the west. The Jew’s mission is to reveal the G-dliness within the natural routines of life (טבע) by introducing the royalty of the proverbial ‘wedding ring’ (טבעת).

By partnering with Ten Yad, you are ensuring that the supernal concept behind a Jewish wedding manifests in a concrete, tangible, and empirical way. On behalf of the thousands of couples uplifted by your generosity, thank you for helping us put the ‘ring’ into thousands of ‘endearing’ and ‘enduring’ lives and for helping to build our future generations.