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Ten Yad Helps Two Precious Halves Become One Whole

One priceless neshama lived in heaven, beneath the kisei hakavod, Hashem’s glorious throne. One day, forty days prior to its journey’s beginning, a heavenly voice resounded through the firmaments, declaring that this soul would be split in two. One dear half would be born into and bring delight to one family, while the other would be warmly welcomed by a different family. On the appointed lucky day, they would meet again and joyously reunite in matrimonial bliss. In this way, according to G-d’s exquisite master plan, they would join to construct a binyan adei ad. Together, in harmonious partnership, they would build an eternal edifice to elevate the world through their good deeds and, with G-d’s help, by creating a beautiful family to carry on a long golden chain for many exuberant generations to come.

As is wont with heavenly voices, that’s exactly what happened.

Fast-forward 20-something years and countless life experiences. The two precious halves are (re)introduced to each other, and at the predestined time, the two celebrate their thrilling engagement to become one again.

Only now, there’s a slight difference: the one precious neshama is no longer basking carefree in heaven beneath the throne of glory. Instead, the worry-free reality of shamayim has been replaced by the very challenging realities of earth.

In heaven, the neshama doesn’t even know that money exists. On earth, who will pay for an apartment? In heaven there are no wedding halls, caterers, florists, photographers, bands, wedding gowns. On earth, each one of these costs more than the bride or groom could ever imagine. Sure, some lucky souls have families to support them with a smile. However, for every lucky, cheerful soul that has loving parents who can help them in this monumental reunion, there is another lucky, worthy soul whose reunion with itself is anxiety-ridden by the desperate need for (more than a few) dollars.

A binyan adei ad involves an edifice. Who will pay for the dishes, linens, appliances, necessities that should be taken for granted but here on earth are too often not granted at all?

Two becoming one is heavenly. But who will help make it reality on earth?

You, that’s who! When you support Ten Yad, you directly help make two one! You pave the way for the Chosson and Kallah to start their life’s journey together – a journey supremely significant in Hashem’s eyes. Jewish marriage has the potential to bring infinite light and nachas to the Hashem, to the couple, and to the Jewish people. Moreover, because you can win incredible prizes by performing this monumental act of Tzedakah, The Ultimate Mitzvah, you really make two WON!

If you listen closely, you may hear the heavenly voice that proclaimed this union all those years ago, singing in harmony at the cosmic wedding of a heavenly plan revealed on earth.

יחי אדוננו מורנו ורבינו מלך המשיח לעולם ועד