Behind the Veil:


“She’s radiant! Do you see the joy in her eyes?” Our group of friends erupted in frenzied celebration: Hadassa (name changed), one of the most popular girls in our seminary, was a Kallah!

It’s been, well, a couple of years since we were seminary classmates… Yet, we all still vividly remember how our joy for a friend turned to surprise, then sadness.

We had gone to Hadassa’s lechaim and planned practical household gifts. Yet, as she glowed with joy, she also seemed guarded about her wedding plans. Was she even shopping for a gown? Had she stocked up her apartment? We hadn’t heard anything about those famous sheitel adventures!

With some delicate inquiry, it became clear: Hadassa, glowing on the outside, was crying inside, unable to afford even a basic new beginning for her and her Chosson.

Yes! The girl who was production head in high school and life of the party in seminary, was too proud to speak up when she desperately needed support.

Twelve of us pooled our Maaser money that night. We reached out discreetly to parents and close friends too. In the end, we funded a brand new sheitel, linens and two full sets of dishes for the new couple’s home.

Hadassa cried at her wedding. She told us they were tears of gratitude and relief for being “the Kallah” that night. The Kallah who was nurtured and taken care of allowing her to relax into the role of gracious queen of the evening.

Ten Yad was born that night.

We pledged to continue looking “behind the veil” of a Kallah’s celebration. When she says, “I don’t need anything,” does she mean “I am too proud to ask?” Beyond the wedding, is the couple able to afford the mere basics to embark on a new life?

By providing beautiful basics in a dignified way, Ten Yad is bringing tears of joy to hundreds of grateful Kallahs. By purchasing prize and event tickets, you receive her special blessings from behind the veil too.

Thank you for giving. May Hashem bentch you that you always be in a position to lend a hand.

—The Volunteers of Ten Yad Hachnosas Kallah

יחי אדוננו מורנו ורבינו מלך המשיח לעולם ועד